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About Vortek Surgical

Vortek Surgical is a specialty medical company dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative medical devices and surgical products. At Vortek Surgical, we understand the challenges that our customers face today, and we strive to provide the best possible tools to meet their needs. Vortek Surgical is committed to offering the newest technology and concepts that promote the best possible results for the healthcare providers, facilities, and ultimately the patients we serve. We listen to our customers and deliver pioneering products that address the ever changing needs within today's healthcare market.

Our products include the ENDODRAPE® Colonoscopy Draping System, which provides a cleaner, safer, and cost effective solution to infection control and time management concerns in endoscopy.

The ENDODRAPE®establishes a protective barrier to prevent transfer of contamination from the scope to the linens, cart, and patient during the procedure. Contamination is disposed of quickly and easily when the procedure is completed, decreasing clean-up time and avoiding the delays common with "messy" cases. The ENDODRAPE® saves time and money by streamlining infection control processes, improving turn-over efficiency, and decreasing the risk of contamination spread to patients and staff in recovery and throughout your facility.

The ENDODRAPE® creates a continuous Zone of Protection, shielding the patient, equipment, and linens from contamination during the procedure. The ENDODRAPE® and all contamination is disposed of quickly and easily when the procedure is completed. The ENDODRAPE® Colonoscopy Draping System provides a simple solution to many of the efficiency and infection control challenges facing endoscopy facilities today.

Vortek Surgical is dedicated to providing results oriented medical solutions, like the ENDODRAPE®, to the healthcare providers and facilities we serve. Whether addressing the concerns for infection control within endoscopy or products that promote improved work flow efficiency throughout the department or facility, Vortek Surgical is committed to offering products and educational resources to advance the safe and efficient delivery of patient care in an ever changing environment.

We strive to exceed our customer's expectations while continuing to foster our vision. Vortek Surgical is founded on the beliefs of excellence in customer service and the delivery of practical solutions that facilitate delivery of the safest, highest quality health care. For Vortek Surgical it is all about people and how we can improve their lives through the products we market.

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